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George Blood


George Blood is the owner of George Blood Audio/Video/Film. Active recording live concerts (from student recitals to opera and major symphony orchestras), since 1982 he has documented over 4,000 live events. From 1984 through 1989 he was a producer at WFMT-FM, and has recorded and edited some 600 nationally syndicated radio programs, mostly of The Philadelphia Orchestra. He has recorded or produced over 250 CDs, 5 of which have been nominated for Grammy Awards. His work can be heard on EMI, Toshiba/ EMI, New World Records, CRI, Parma, Innova, Pogus Records, Albany Records, Newport Classics and others. He was Recording Engineer for The Philadelphia Orchestra for 21 years, serving Maestros Riccardo Muti and Wolfgang Sawallisch. George Blood, L.P. was founded as Safe Sound Archive in 1992. To this day, it continues as a repository for the thousands of recordings Mr. Blood has accumulated; and to house the recital archives of the Curtis Institute of Music and concert recordings of The Philadelphia Orchestra, among many others. Each month George Blood Audio/Video/Film digitizes approximately 10,000 hours of audio and moving image collections from around North America. He is a frequent presenter on topics such as research into workflow, best practices, metadata, authentication, and interchangeability of digital information.

Biz Gallo

Manager of Audiovisual Preservation

Biz Maher Gallo received her Bachelor of Arts in Screen Arts and Cultures from The University of Michigan in 2008. She received a Master of Science in Information in 2013 from The University of Michigan School of Information with a focus on Preservation of Information and Archives & Records Management.

Ms. Gallo has spent the past year working in the Visual Resources Collection at The University of Michigan’s History of Art Department where she digitized, processed and cataloged the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology’s Karanis Slide Collection. She also worked at the Donald Hall Collection film library where she managed a mold removal project for over 3,000 reels of 35mm film and their canisters. Before returning to complete her graduate degree, Ms. Gallo worked for four years in Los Angeles in the film industry where she spent most of her time working as a Production Coordinator on various projects, including work for Sony and Lionsgate. Ms. Gallo spent her last year in Los Angeles as a Data Coordinator at a visual effects house managing contributor submissions for Getty Images’ Stock Video division.

In her spare time Ms. Gallo enjoys attending film festivals and seeks out theaters showing classic movies. While in graduate school, she took up knitting and after joining a local knitting group began work on studying the information system of knitting circles. Along with training for an eventual marathon, Ms. Gallo enjoys going for runs and being in the great outdoors.

Brian Destremps

Senior Engineer & Disc Specialist

Brian Destremps graduated summa cum laude from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. His degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media provided a versatile background, but even as a student he focused on audio recording. He was brought onboard as an assistant audio engineer at a recording studio in Philadelphia following successful internships in two area studios.

Mr. Destremps came to George Blood, L.P. in 2002. His versatility allowed him to play a role in every aspect of reformatting projects from planning, to engineering, to sealing and shipping the final box of digitized recordings. As a reformatting engineer, he acquired expertise in handling obsolete and deteriorating formats. Numerous collections from the Library of Congress and Boston Public Library have been entrusted to his care, along with materials from the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Stokowski recordings housed at the University of Pennsylvania. In recent years he has developed a specialty for handling all manner of historical disc recordings including 78’s, Edison Diamond Discs, and broadcast Transcription discs. He is currently in the midst of transferring several thousand sides on behalf the Library of Congress and recently completed a collection of close to 1,000 Transcription discs for The City University of New York. His work has been praised by world renown disc expert Ward Marston with whom he recently worked with on historical cylinders from The Oklahoma Historical Society.

Today, while remaining in the lineup of transfer engineers, Mr. Destremps’ duties have extended to those of Studio Manager at George Blood, L.P. He is the former Director of Audio Visual Services at the Curtis Institute of Music where he managed a team of George Blood Audio engineers that were responsible for over 150 live concert, recital, and opera performances, as well as over 100 studio recordings for Curtis students each year. He has recorded and edited for broadcast programs by Curtis students, faculty, and alumni, as well as ensembles such as The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Pottstown Symphony. His recordings are frequently heard on WHYY’s Sunday Showcase. Mr. Destremps has also engineered studio and concert recordings for artists and ensembles such as the Diaz Trio, Time for Three, Symphony in C, Elissa Lee Koljonen, Orchestra 2001, Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg, Opera Philadelphia, Symphony in C, and The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

In his spare time Brian is an active musician, animal lover, is fond of cooking and has been known to brew a batch of beer!

Michael Mullin
Audio Engineer

Michael “Mick” Mullin is a graduate of Kutztown University. He holds a BA in Music History and Theory with a minor in Studio Art. He has gained substantial engineering experience at Super 8 Studios, which he both owned and operated. His recording and mastering credits include national and local level artists as well as mastering work for many independent record labels.

Mr. Mullin’s primary role at George Blood, L.P., is audio transfer engineer. Specializing in analog tape-based formats as well as digital audio, he has transferred tapes for such institutions as Cornell University, New York Public Library, Rochester University, The National Symphony Orchestra, and The American Philosophical Society to name a few. He also contributes his meticulous editing and proofreading skills to the sales department, where nearly all business proposals and company-related letters are viewed by his watchful eye.

In the off hours, Mick plays guitar and keyboards in his band Hex Inverter and also plays guitar for the band Empty Flowers.

Tadashi Matsuura
Senior Audio/Video Transfer Engineer

Tadashi Matsuura’s engineering career began while he studied Trombone performance, Music Industry and Management at Syracuse University. Since coming to George Blood Audio, Mr. Matsuura has frequently worked alongside Mr. Blood in concert and studio recordings for ensembles such as The Philadelphia Orchestra, Philly Pops, Orchestra 2001, and Piffaro, and for various projects with Brandywine Baroque and Temple University. In the preservation studio, he not only handles tape-based formats with legendary fluidity, but lends a vital hand in the maintenance of our fleet of delicate playback equipment as well. Mr. Matsuura currently serves as Principal Trombonist for one Philadelphia area community orchestras and sub many other. He and his wife lives in Ambler with their 2 kids and 2 cats.

Brandon Seaman
Audio Engineer

Brandon Seaman graduated from Drexel University (2011) with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry. While a student, Mr. Seaman worked as a Recording Engineer and Studio Manager at Drexel’s Mad Dragon Studios.

Mr. Seaman currently acts as Assistant Engineer at Studio Crash in Philadelphia where he records and mixes regional a cappella ensembles. He has interned at Dark Horse Recording in Nashville, TN and participated in studio construction for both Dark Horse and Studio Crash. While studying at Drexel, he also took part in live concert recordings for the school’s events.

Soon after being hired at George Blood, L.P, Mr. Seaman began working alongside former employee, Tim Mullin, as Assistant Video Transfer Engineer where he began learning about various formats of video, analog and digital. He has applied this knowledge to hone his QA skills in both audio and video, where his unparalleled attention to detail assures clients receive products of the utmost accuracy. In a year’s time, Mr. Seaman took on the role of Audio Engineer where he digitized analog audio media of many formats, including wires, microcassettes, NAB cartridges, and Echo-Matics. Most recently, Mr. Seaman has acted as part of a team to reevaluate the company’s reformatting workflow and develop new ways to maximize efficiency. He has worked on projects for Pacifica Radio Archives, Maine Folklife Center, Park Avenue Synagogue, New York Public Library, and the California Audiovisual Preservation Project.

In his spare time, Mr. Seaman enjoys cooking, songwriting, and is a home-recording enthusiast. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Morgan Oscar Morel
IT Systems Adminstrator

Morgan received his Masters degree in Preservation of Information and Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan School of Information in 2013. He spends his free time collecting records, making mixtapes for friends, playing in a number of bands, and working on videos and animation. He is currently on the lookout for digital dancehall reggae records and vintage British folk records. When it comes to animation, he uses the Max/MSP/Jitter programming language and Final Cut Pro to create music videos for his own songs and the songs of his friends (when they ask nicely).

Joey DeSantis
Chief Video Transfer Engineer

Joseph DeSantis graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His degree in Electrical Engineering augmented years of previous work experience. He regularly attends a number of industry seminars in order to remain current in the field of Video Transfer Engineering.

Mr. DeSantis came to George Blood, L.P. in 2012 where he works as Video Manager.

He has considerable experience working in broadcast television, including for CBS Corporation KYW-TV WPSG-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When not at work, Joe repairs church organs and escorts his wife to choir rehearsals up and down the eastern seaboard.

Peter Mowen
IT Systems Administrator

Peter Mowen graduated from Drexel University (2012) with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry, Technology Concentration, and a minor in Philosophy.

Mr. Mowen has worked as an intern on both the business and tech side of the music industry. Mr. Mowen’s first co-op was with Drexel’s Record Label, MAD Dragon Records. While at MAD Dragon Records, Mr. Mowen put together a compilation CD for the record label, including track ordering and concept design for the cover art.

Mr. Mowen has also worked as a recording studio intern at Brown Owl Studio in Nashville, TN. Brown Owl Studio recorded a range of music from country to rock to pop. Part of Mr. Mowen’s responsibilities included setting up all microphones for drums, guitars, keys, auxiliary percussion, vocals, etc. He also had to patch all of the microphones through the appropriate gear and test each signal before the sessions to ensure that when the musicians arrived, the sessions ran as smoothly as possible.

Mr. Mowen also sings bass in the choir at Tabernacle UCC and Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA.

Kerri Hughes
Quality Control Engineer

Kerri Hughes works as an Assistant Audio Engineer, specifically QAing audio and video projects. She graduated Temple University with a BA in Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Mass Media with a primary focus on Audio Production.

In her free time, she does vocals, keys, and loops for her band Hex Inverter. She occasionally freelances mixing and mastering projects, paints, and is pretty into cheeseburgers.

Sarah Mainville

Sarah Mainville earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Science in Information in 2014 from the University of Michigan’s School of Information with a focus on Library and Information Science and Preservation of Information. Ms. Mainville worked with cross-discipline University of Michigan partners in the School of Information and the Department of African American Studies to digitize audiocassettes and create an online platform for the musicians, fans and experts of the music to share information about the recordings, musicians, and events. She digitized bootleg audiocassette tapes from Tanzania and created a metadata crosswalk between the Voice of America Sarkisian collection, the Ark folk music collection and the Tanzanian audiocassette collection. She also worked with MLibrary’s Digital Conversion Unit to formalize their audiovisual digitization workflow as well as performed quality assurance on their digitized collections, most notably on mixed video formats from the Robert Altman Archive at the University of Michigan.

When not at work, Ms. Mainville spends time with her family exploring Philadelphia and the surrounding area. She enjoys cycling, gardening, and cooking.

James Voges
Shipping Manager

After completing his film degree at Grand Valley State University, James followed his passion for East Asian Cinema and moved to Taiwan. Seven years later he is back with a child and still largely uncredited for any major East Asian film. James won the title 'Ultimate Blogger' in 2006, achieved first place in Ypsilanti's '24 hour film festival' in 2013, and was named 'Best Dad' by some very important people in 2015. When he is not wrestling boxes and mounting hard drives at George Blood, he is hoarding records, reading comics, and biking his daughter around Philadelphia.

Travis Werlen
Film/Video Transfer Engineer

Travis is a graduate of the University of Washington's Cinema Studies program and the University of Amsterdam's Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image Master's program. Prior to joining George Blood, he assisted in an NFPF research project at the EYE Film Institute in the Netherlands. Additionally, he worked as a processing archivist and film transfer technician at the Chicago Film Archives. In his spare time, Travis plays in the Delco Singers.

George Gordon
Quality Control Engineer

George Gordon graduated from American University in 2013 with a degree in Audio Production. Mr. Gordon current acts as a Quality Control Engineer at George Blood Audio and Video. George has served as a Sound Designer and Audio Technician for audio books at Graphic Audio and Now You Know Media, Inc. and for theater productions with Ambassador Theater International Cultural Center in the Washington, DC Metro Area. In his spare time he enjoys playing bass and acoustic guitar, as well as shooting and editing photography and hiking

John Vogel
Video Transfer Engineer

John holds a BA in Print Journalism from Penn State. Since then he has held editorial positions and worked as a freelance writer for music and entertainment magazines. John also worked at the University of Pennsylvania's Linguistic Data Consortium, specializing in human subjects data collection projects in which people are interviewed under a wide array of microphones largely set up for vocal acoustic analysis. His other tasking has included editing machine translation to match human translation, dissecting written language into abstract meaning, and teaching computers how extract information from large volumes of text.

Outside the work environment, John plays in the orchestral-pop band Grandchildren and creates strange multimedia projects under the name Eddie Sids.

David Adomites
Film/Video Transfer Engineer

David Adomites began his video/film journey in Los Angeles as a Broadcast Producer for Ralph Kent Cooke Advertising. Moving on as a Freelance Line Producer/Post Production Supervisor until he was employed at Sound Services Inc. in Hollywood as a telecine colorist, syncing dailies and timing movie trailers.

David is also a musician and luthier whose passion is performing Gypsy Jazz music of he 30's and 40's, building double basses and pursuing the perfect hand cut dove tail joint.

Steve Burns
Assistant Audio Engineer

Steve graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Music Industry, Technology Concentration and a Business Minor. He began his employment at George Blood Audio L.P. as a Finishing Engineer and assists in multiple projects in their development. He is musically and sonically versed with a growing background in the game industry. Steve has served as a Composer and Sound designer for Skyless Games Studios and a virtual instrument developer for Impact Soundworks. He likes to experiment in FL studio and Famitracker in his spare time and enjoys spending time in industry communities.

Jared Gibson
Assistant Audio Engineer

Jared Gibson graduated from Temple University in 2013 with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production. In his time at Temple University, he was a member of Belltower Records; the student-run record label. He became enthralled with audio engineering and production at a young age through the musical ambitions of his siblings. His post-collegiate time was spent working in the film industry as a production sound mixer, working on anything from commercials to web-series.

In his free time, Jared enjoys his band Summer Scouts, recording his own personal material, and finding peace within the solitude of nature.

Eddie Austin
Media Assistant

Grew up skipping stones in the "crick" in Holmesburg.

Eddie is stoked about being a commissioned videographer and published photographer and is currently dreaming of the perfect life / cameras to capture it with.

Mike Passero
Senior Audio Engineer

Mike Passero earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh before completing the Master Recording Program at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ. He gained much of his audio engineering experience during the 7 years he spent working at various recording studios in Los Angeles, CA. Mike has recorded and mixed music, sound design and voice over for several nationally broadcasted marketing campaigns conducted by numerous Fortune 500 companies. Over the years he has had the privilege of overseeing the music production for multiple high profile Super Bowl commercials, while ensuring that client expectations and deadlines were met. He worked on the 8th Season of American Idol and has installed a wide array of audio hardware at several different studios. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Mike jumped at the opportunity to return to his home town and join the George Blood team in early 2015.

When he’s not at work, Mike enjoys going on adventurous backpacking trips in the great outdoors and hitting the gym when he’s closer to civilization. He also enjoys playing guitar, recording and mixing music, and keeping his Pro Tools skills up to speed.

John Bostwick
Quad Video Guru

Jeff Chestek
Chief Audio Engineer

Charlie Churchman
Film Engineer



George Blood, President
Biz Gallo, Manager of Audiovisual Preservation
Brian Destremps, Senior Engineer & Disc Specialist
Michael Mullin, Audio Engineer
Tadashi Matsuura, Senior Audio/Video Transfer Engineer
Brandon Seaman, Audio Engineer
Morgan Oscar Morel, IT Systems Administrator
Joey DeSantis, Chief Video Transfer Engineer
Peter Mowen, IT Systems Administrator
Kerri Hughes, Quality Control Engineer
Sarah Mainville, Registrar
James Voges, Shipping Manager
Travis Werlen, Video/Film Transfer Engineer
George Gordon, Quality Control Engineer
John Vogel, Video Transfer Engineer
David Adomites, Video/Film Transfer Engineer
Steve Burns, Assistant Audio Engineer
Jared Gibson, Assistant Audio Engineer
Eddie Austin, Media Assistant
Mike Passero, Senior Audio Engineer
John Bostwick, Quad video Guru
Jeff Chestek, Chief Audio Engineer
Charlie Churchman, Film Engineer