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George Blood graduated from the University of Chicago (1983) with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory. He studied theory with Easley Blackwood (a private student of Nadia Boulanger), repertoire with Philip Gossett (Editor, critical editions of Verdi and Rossini for Casa Ricordi), Ellen Turner Harris (now retired Vice Provost at MIT), and analysis with Ralph Shapey and Shulamit Ran (Pulitzer Prize winning composers), among others. He is the only student of Canadian pianist Marc-André Hamelin.

Mr. Blood and his wife, Martha, have four daughters, one son and three granddaughters and one grandson. An unapologetic preservationist, Mr. Blood lives with his family in Philadelphia where he is renovating a 1768 house.

With over 35 years in the audio field, Jon has seen the music industry from all angles. His resume boasts a career as a studio owner for 18 years, over 30 platinum and gold sales awards and multiple Grammy nominations and awards.

Caitlin came to George Blood, L.P. from a successful career as a Massage Therapist, specializing in pain and injury management. Her first love is history- and being married to a Preservationist helped with her career jump. When she is not enjoying her new career, she can usually be found hanging out with her husband, child and two geriatric chinchillas.

Eddie is involved in the physical handling and transfer preparation of all forms of media objects that pass through our operation. He joined up with George Blood and company in 2015 and has been trained on a wide variety of tasks in the pre and post transfer stages. The sights and sounds that are preserved here are everything to him.

Eamon is the Office Manager at George Blood LP, handling the day-to-day human resource functions of the firm. He is also a recent Communication Studies and Business graduate of Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication. With a strong passion for music and wildlife, he plays bass guitar and studies exotic animal species in his free time.

David has been transferring film at George Blood LP since June of 2015. Employed as a Freelance Colorist/ Telecine Engineer since 2001, his career has included Director, Line Producer, Post Production Supervisor and Music Direction for commercials, documentaries, industrial films and infomercials. Artist, Musician, Luthier, Massage Therapist and Total Immersion are a few of his other interests.

Jared Gibson graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production from Temple University. He has worked with George Blood Audio since May of 2015, digitizing collections for such clients as the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. In his Free time, he collaborates as a member of the musical project Summer Scouts.

Chris was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He earned his Bachelor's degree at Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in the recording industry with an emphasis in audio production. While living in Nashville, he also interned at a post-production house on Music Row. It is his hope to work in post-production for television and film. Eventually, he was fortunate enough to find his way back home to begin his career in the audio industry working for George Blood Audio, where he helps digitize historic records for The Great 78 Project.

Jeff Franklin has been an Audio Transfer Engineer at George Blood Audio L.P. since 2017. Jeff relocated from Boston, MA to Philadelphia, PA in 2013 after studying Audio Production at Boston University. At an early age Jeff submerged himself into the world of digital audio by teaching himself how to capture the audio from his cassette and LP record collections using the family computer. Jeff has 15 years of freelance audio engineering experience ranging from live event sound, audio restoration, studio recordings, mixing for bands and film post production. In his down time, he actively plays bass in a local Philadelphia band and enjoys assisting local musicians with recordings and production.

Tadashi Matsuura has been recording, editing and digitizing audio and video for over 14 years. Tadashi has worked on projects with clients such as Notable NewYorkers, the Library of Congress and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, among others. Tadashi has also worked along side George Blood to make numerous recordings, including Grammy nominated albums.

Michael "Mick" Mullin has been with GBAVFD since 2009. He specializes in analog tape formats and has worked on projects from the New York Public Library, the National Park Service and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

Joseph has more than 40 years of training and experience in Broadcast and consumer Video Tape equipment. In the past, he's worked for large international electronics companies like Sony and Panasonic, as well as U.S. broadcasting network companies like CBS 3, WPSG 57 and Univision 41.

Dash Williams graduated from Temple University with a B.S. in Physics in 2016. Outside of maintaining and updating the IT infrastructure at George Blood Audio L.P., he sings in a band called Past Life and is constantly trying to further himself as a musician. He also enjoys long walks through the Wissahickon and a good donut from Dottie's.


Archie is 22 years old and graduated with a degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University in 2017. He has been working for George Blood since December 2017. A trombonist for 13 years, he still enjoys playing in a community jazz group and loves trying out new restaurants in the city.

Dane Bard was a Fine Art major that got pulled into the world of video as a student at Cheyney University in 2008. He has not looked back since, and has worked within media production, live event set up and breakdown. He enjoys non-linear video editing, photography and painting.

Since he joined George Blood Audio, Steve has worked with the digitization of many renowned clients such as New York Public Library, National Public Radio and Philadelphia Orchestra. Outside of work, he expresses his passion in the gaming industry, composes music and creates sound effects.

Dylan Deimler graduated Valedictorian from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. He has worked previously as an intern for WRTI 90.1 FM and as a live sound engineer for The Philadelphia Folksong Society. In his spare time, he enjoys doing field recordings and working on sound design.

Alexis Primavera graduated from Ursinus College with a bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications and a minor in Film. Alexis also has several years of experience working in video production.

Brocken is a Temple graduate with a degree in Computer Science and Technology, and and has been working for George Blood since February 2018. In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts to see friends perform, and going to the aquarium.

Sean is a transfer engineer at George Blood. He graduated from Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communications. Outside of work he's a musician and a movie fanatic.

Casey received his degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University with a minor in Computer Science. He is also a community DJ at WPRB in Princeton, NJ where he records local bands and helps to preserve the station's collection of 1/4" tape reels.

Scholastically, Alex has, in his words “ managed to stumble up the academic ladder” to an Associate’s degree. Professionally, Alex has managed retail and shipping locations; with brief intermittent interludes as an EMT, painter, and volunteer voice actor. Personally, Alex is interested in everything and nothing else, though with added interest in reading, yoga and archery.

Mario is an Internet Archive Engineer at George Blood. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Media Studies and Production. Outside of work, he plays music and video games.

Dominic is a graduate from Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Media Studies and Production. Studio recording and production have always been a passion of his. From recording his own music to collecting vinyl records, CDs, and tapes, it will be a lifelong dedication of Dominic’s.

Arnab Nandi is a graduate of the Temple University's MSP program. In his spare time he DJs and produces bass music, and has become very involved with Philadelphia's music scene. Arnab is glad to work along side similar minded people with interests in audio.

Qiuchen Cao got her BA in Television and Broadcasting at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and MFA at the school of Film and Media and Arts, Temple University in 2014. She has since worked as a freelance video editor and post producer in Philadelphia, LA and Shanghai. She joined George Blood in 2018 as a video editor.

Danica graduated from Emory University with a Master’s in Film Studies and has spent the past decade working in media management. During that time, she’s been employed by vendors, museums, and universities, occupying roles that include registrar, project manager, sales, and engineer. She joined George Blood AVFD in 2018 and looks forward to preserving new libraries and content.