Video Preservation

In addition to our audio preservation capabilities, George Blood LP has been digitizing analog and born-digital video formats for more than 20 years.

George Blood LP has one of the largest fleets of working 2” Quadruplex video machines in the world. Our Ampex quads can play NTSC, PAL, 2 hour long tapes, and tapes without viable control tracks. From VHS and U-matic to D-9 and IMX, many formats we can also do in PAL. Hey, if you’ve got IVC-9000, we’ll get you files from your tapes!

We are staffed with professional video engineers and utilize the latest in software and hardware solutions for extracting, rendering, and transcoding video formats, and creating “best practice” file derivatives for the preservation and access of obsolete and deteriorating video content.

Our expertise in video was recognized by the Library of Congress. They commissioned George Blood to write these two best practices documents now widely sited in RFPs: