AES International Conference


The Audio Engineering Society (AES) will be hosting its International Conference this weekend, June 28-30. The conference is located at the United States Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, VA. The event seeks to bring conservation researchers and practitioners together to collaborate and share critical ideas on best practices for audio archives.

Over the course of the three days, participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops and presentations on preserving legacy formats, magnetic media, digitization, and many more topics. The conference will also feature work done by our very own George Blood. On Thursday June 28, participants can check out a series of datasets that examine what stylus size and speed might be best for digitizing pre-1923 audio discs.


This event also slots time for a series of engaging and relevant social events. Conference guests can enjoy a concert on Thursday evening from Grammy award winning folk musician, Dom Flemons. The Thomas A. Edison Historical Site curator, Jerry Fabris, will give participants the opportunity to make their own recordings on wax cylinders, a true testament to the triumphs of audio engineering.

For more information on the conference, please click here!